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Sunapee’s Cemeteries (ADD PHOTO OF Jos George Grave stone)
Sunapee has 8 cemeteries with graves dating as early as 1800:
1. Georges Mills Cemetery, Main Street, Georges Mills
2. Old Eastman Cemetery, East side of North Road, Sunapee.
3. New Eastman Cemetery, West side of North Road, Sunapee.
4. Lower Village Cemetery, Lower Main Street at North Road.
5. Crowther Cemetery, Stagecoach Road at Young’s Hill Road. Park at Dexter’s Inn lot, follow path. Chapel is open last Sunday June – Sep, 11:30 to 1:30 weather permitting.
6. Colby Cemetery, Stagecoach Road, just south of Dexter’s Inn. Park to right at driveway marked “Simpson 270’, gate is to right.
7. Cooper Cemetery, Stagecoach Road, behind #324. Park on road, keep to right of drive.
8. South Sunapee Cemetery, Harding Hill Road.

Caption for with the grave stone photo: In 1804, Joseph George and family settled the area at the north end of Lake Sunapee. Joseph and his son Daniel had a gristmill powered by the steam flowing into the lake. He served at the Battle of Ticonderoga in 1776 and owned a playful monkey which he took with him on “calls”. Georges Mills is named after him.

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Click here for the Sunapee Burials Index (use the new pdf index attached to this email)
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Vital Records
Sunapee’s vital records were published in the Annual Sunapee Town Report beginning in 1887.
Annual Vital Records PDF files below.
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Sunapee Families
The Sunapee Historical Society has information about the following Sunapee families. Contact us for further information.
A Abbott, Alexander, Almeder, Angell
B Bailey, Baird, Baker, Bartlett, Batchelder, Blaisdell, Boyce, Burke, Buswell
C Chandler, Chase, Clough, Coffin, Colby, Colcord, Collins, Cooper, Cowles, Cross, Crowther
D Dana, Davis, Dewey, Domina, Dudley
E Eastman
F Felch, Fisher, Fitch, Flanders
G Gage, Gamsby, Gardner, George, Goss, Graves
H Halsey, Harding, Haven, Hill, Holmes, Hopkins, Howard, Huntoon, Hurd
I-J Ingalls
K Knowlton
L Lear
M Maxfield, McCrillis, Monroe, Morgan, Morse, Muzzey
N Norris, Nutting
O Osborne
P-Q Perkins, Pike, Powell, Purington, Putney
R Remington, Richards, Robertson, Roby, Rogers, Roper, Rowell, Runals, Russell
S Sargent, Sawyer, Scott, Sisco, Slade, Smith, Stickney, Stocker, Sturoc
T-V Trow, Turner, Tyler
W Wackerhagen, Wayburn, Welsh, Wendell, Whitney, Woodbury, Woodsum, Woodward
X-Z Yardley, Young

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Sunapee Village
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Georges Mills
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Burkehaven (add photo “ Burke Landing”)
Sunapee’s Burkehaven community includes Gardner or Sunset Hill, Birch Point, Penny Cove, Burkehaven Harbor, Isle of Pines, Penny, Star and Emerald Islands, and the northern shore of Fisher’s Bay. In the mid-1800s, major land owners in this area included John Y. Gardner, Isaac Turner and Lafayette Colby.
In 1875-76, Lafayette Colby built the first lake-side summer hotel in Sunapee on the Colby Farm property, named Lake View House. The following summer, the hotel had a telegraph connection and steamboat service.
In 1879, Newport attorney and newspaper editor, Edmund Burke bought land for a cottage to enjoy his sunset years by the lake and soon began buying up the Colby land around him. After Burke’s death in 1882, his daughter, Frances Matson Burke Dana and her husband Col. George H. Dana, assumed ownership of the Burke properties and bought Lake View House with its 130 acres. They transformed its hillside pastures into the cottage settlement called Burkehaven in honor of her Frances’s father. In 1886, George Dana became an investor in the Sunapee Lake Steamboat Co. which built the “Edmund Burke” steamboat in direct competition with the Woodsum Steamboat Co. By 1911, Burkehaven had at least 25 cottages, including 5 on islands, St. James Episcopal Church, built by its summer resident community and Morgan’s store at the steamboat wharf, which provided groceries, a summer post office, boat livery and island deliveries for the community. Burkehaven played an important role in the establishment of the Lake Sunapee Regatta Association in 1892 which sponsored multi-day summer sports gatherings for nearly 65 years. Although the Burkehaven Hotel burned to the ground in 1951, St. James Church and many of its historic lake cottages still exist today.
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NH Chronicles program featuring steamboats of Lake Sunapee
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Diving to the Sunken Steamboat Weetamoo

History of The Fells, historic gardens and summer retreat of Secretary of State John Hays
Lost Ski Areas of NE – Sunapee Town Ski Tows